Open Mics around the World

Open Mic Update

Where: Seattle, Seattle Mobile Espresso, Clarissa Silvestri, proprietress

When: Every 4th Sunday

Who: David Jones, Floating Mountain Poets, and poets at large

David says:  “I host an open mic every 4th Sunday at Seattle Mobile Espresso. It is a lovely place where we (Floating Mountain Poets) have been meeting for some time now. Clarissa Silvestri is the proprietor and she’s very open to us being there and very supportive of us as well.  She makes amazing eats and drinks which are priced very reasonably. There is always a good mix of people there, from older adults to young people, my reading however is geared towards an adult audience. 4th sunday reading is uncensored as to speech and content, arranged in an open mic format and I’ve decided to start having featured readers, the first of which will be the inimitable Kerry Lee. If you have not heard Kerry’s poetry, you’ve been missing a vital part of what makes poetry poetry in Seattle.

The open mic runs from 5pm to 8pm and is usually lively, with poets from the surrounding area as well as members of Floating Mountain.

Seattle Mobile Espresso is located on the northeast corner of 130th and Linden Av. N which is just off 130th and Aurora in north Seattle. For driving directions and other information, please go to their website which is I look forward to seeing you there.”


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