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David Jones – 2 spoken word pieces

David Jones as remedy.

David Jones

Some male voices participate in my immediate environment. There’s the neighbour who once more is yelling at his kids for whatever reason. He’s got a voice that needs no mic, and manages to infiltrate my space.

There’s the google OS guru who speaks of the new operating system that i might try

There’s the doctor who speaks of female genitalia as if they were hamburgers.


David Jones.

Here are two links: Why I don’t write


I’m a man

listen! Be cured! Now!



2 responses to “David Jones – 2 spoken word pieces

  1. thank you judih…this is fantastic, your site has evolved a hella lot!!…i’ve been very busy with floating mountain poets of late…we got shows coming up and an arts fair to do…but i promise pictures…

  2. talkingnow ⋅

    Floating Mountain Poets are keeping you busy! Excellent – wish i was there. lucky audiences. Send word where and when and i’ll update here, as well. best! & break a leg, DJ

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