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Halina Birenbaum, first installment

Halina Birenbaum

Name: Halina Birenbaum

Born: Warsaw, Poland, 1929

Current address: Herzliya, Israel

Occupation: poet, writer, speaker all over the world, sharing her stories to enlighten others about overcoming differences

This first installment is one poem

between the lines

between the lines of a poem

there is a free breath


growing life

a moment

between the lines

there is no danger of dying

no fear, depression

no stupor, withering

between the lines of a poem

there is so much space!


4 responses to “Halina Birenbaum, first installment

  1. that is a lovely poem by halina…very powerful and very true…thank you so much for reminding us of the power of our inclusivity…

    • talkingnow ⋅

      Thank you for reading and commenting, David. Halina wrote to survive WWII and continues to spread a message of opening up to look beyond hatred.
      Hoping to add more this week!

  2. Caryn

    Amazing stuff, Judih, thanks for sharing it with us! What an inspiring woman!

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