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Welcome to Poet Speaks Out!

I want to know more about poets – their thoughts, their processes, their inspirations.

Here’s the place to find out.


4 responses to “Welcome to Poet Speaks Out!

  1. wireman

    …..all i can say is WOW!….i’ve been loving the wylde man’s words for quite awhile, this interview affirms my gut feelings about the man and his words…..

  2. judi

    My goodness,
    How cool is it to read your brother speaking and feeling so proud of the person he is?

    His poetry is solid and rich,
    but to hear him speak in prose I realise even more how fucking wonderful he is.

    His father, his mother( my mother)( my father), our mother, our father

    must be watching and hearing in warmth and pride.



  4. Wylde is an esteemed member of my Web Site, Global soon to be ArtVibe,org…I love all of Wyldes amazing, gift driven expression. He is on of the master writers on the site and so very proud of his interview, which spoke so much truth and proud that he is a member of my site!!!!
    Bernadette Candalaria~

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